Graduation Season is here and RetinaSpark wants to bring your vision to life! Put down the glitter and step away from the glue gun; tell us what you want and celebrate your graduation with kind of drip you deserve!


  • All grad caps are made to order, designed to your specifications
  • Designs are printed and professionally mounted to a strudy half inch, light wieght foam board and securred with velcro attachments for easy, reliable assembly
  • This product fits the standard 9.5" x 9.5" undergraduate grad cap
  • Your costs include the design, production, and first-class shipping costs


"Tier 1: Mama I Did It" - Your custom design brought to life when you need just enough to not have a plain black cap, but don't want to grab a ton of attention


"Tier 2: For My Haters" - The design that comes to mind when you close your eyes and picture all of your exs, teachers, and that manager at the mall that said you'd never make it, beautifully perched atop your head


"Tier 3: Stunt For the Gram" - We can't guarantee you'll make the Shaderoom, but with your fire concept and our will to shape reality using our unique set of should

Custom Grad Topper

  • We are currently accepting orders for graduation ceremonies. Please contact for additional information and inquiries.

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